Celebrate good times, come on!

1933 Industries celebrated its second anniversary as a publicly-traded company and toasted to this memorable milestone on June 20, inviting loyal investors, industry heavyweights and its hardworking corporate team to mark the occasion at a stylish and spirited celebration held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

After the Champagne had been poured and the merriment became memory, it was back to business as usual at 1933 Industries and its subsidiaries, and especially for Alternative Medicine Association’s (AMA) impending big move to a brand-new facility. But as we were commemorating our first two years, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of 1933 Industries’ more recent big moments.

Growing our Customer Base 

The bottom line is always top-of-mind, right? 1933 Industries’ Q3 report for 2019 revealed a 28 percent increase in revenue from Q2 to Q3. The increase also exhibits a 40 percent increase—wow!—from the same period in 2018. Looking at AMA and Infused, each company grew sales revenues from the previous quarter, increasing 38 percent and 18 percent, respectively. This signals that AMA and Infused-branded products are really resonating with cannabis consumers, which is attributed to their premium quality and 1933’s continued focus on top-notch customer service and education offerings. You can read more about the Q3 financials in 1933 Industries’ thorough report here

Cutting the Red Ribbon 

After a little over a year of construction, the company received the occupancy permit for its new, purposed-built, state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation facility on June 28. This allows AMA to soon begin operations in the new space, which will result in a consistent supply—and increase—of raw materials for its flower and concentrate products. 

Evolving Expansion Efforts 

And it’s not just AMA that has a new home, as Infused also moved to a new facility. The 14,000-square foot warehouse was needed in order to expand our inventory and manufacture more Canna Hemp™ products for our increased distribution across the U.S. 

Canna Hemp™-branded products have been available across the United States for quite some time now. And by June, the number of retail outlets carrying such products jumped to over 800! This milestone is both a testament to 1933 Industries’ success in expanding into new markets and the demand for Canna Hemp™’s quality CBD offerings. 

Paramount Partnerships 

This year has been defined by some very exciting partnerships, as 1933 Industries has aligned itself with well-known brands within the cannabis marketplace. In addition to continuing the AMA partnership with hip-hop legend Kurupt through his premium Gotti’s Gold cannabis line, the company also signed licensing deals with Birdhouse Skateboards™ (a collaboration for Infused’s Canna Hemp™ X action-sports brand) and the globally recognized DNA Genetics (a partnership with AMA to cultivate, manufacture, sell and distribute co-branded cannabis products). While the company continues to add products to its own branded lines, these partnerships are important in reaching new demographics and markets and only add more quality to the company’s 250-plus portfolio of THC and CBD-infused products. It’s a win-win! 

Red Carpet Recognition 

The company routinely seeks out and is invited to partake in opportunities that showcase its Infused and AMA brands, and the first half of the year was no different! In addition to the myriad conferences and tradeshows the company attended, our Canna Hemp™ products were featured in a celebrity gifting suite at the 91st Academy Awards in Los Angeles! CBD products are quickly becoming a hot celebrity commodity, which is why 1933 Industries was so excited for stars to be stopping by to pick up our superior-quality goods. The Canna Hemp™ CBD Relief Cream is ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille … 

Wrapping It All Up 

It’s been a whirlwind of expansion, movement and success throughout the first half of 2019 for 1933 Industries—and we’re only getting started! Stay tuned to hear about all the exciting things in store for our company and its amazing line of cannabis products.