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Ranson K. Shepherd


For the past decade, leaders in the professional cannabis and hemp industries have relied on Mr. Shepherd’s multiple award-winning business strategies. He applies cannabis business modeling and progressive tactics to further advance the industrialization of the industry. As a highly experienced leader, Mr. Shepherd brings enterprise level proficiency in developing and executing strategies for operating and scaling businesses, by providing process and data driven management, planning, and business development solutions. Mr. Shepherd has led several fundraising rounds raising over $100 million in venture capital to finance multiple cannabis companies across the United States. He has also brought to market some of the most valued brands in the industry and is a co-founder of The Qanvus Group, an infrastructure services and outsourced solutions provider focused specifically on the industrialization of cannabis operations. Mr. Shepherd also participates in numerous Native American ventures providing a wide range of services within the cannabis industry, focusing on bringing employment opportunities and in creating a positive impact in needed communities.