Rooted in the industry for over a decade, BLOOM™ loves nothing more than classic cannabis strains. But, our love for these strains has limitations. Constantly being on the move and living life, convenient products are essential to celebrate the small wins, uplift and reclaim the day.
BLOOM™ - an experience delivered in the most tasteful & practical way.
Sold in over three hundred licensed retailers in California, Nevada, Washington and New Mexico, with further expansion planned for new markets in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Canada.


Cannabis vapes are a lifestyle product. They’re designed to accommodate your everyday life and make it easy for you to use cannabis.

  • BloomTM Vape – Original vapor method available in a 500mg cartridge
  • BloomTM One – Disposable vapor method providing the same flavorful experience in a smaller, 350mg preloaded, disposable package

  • BloomTM Dart – Pod vapor method includes CCELL’s advanced ceramic heating elements for greater oil absorption

  • BloomTM Drop – Oil infusion method comes with 800mg of oil with pre-activated THC. The oil can be added to flower, dabs or for infusing food for instant effects

  • BloomTM Kit – Pocket-sized vape battery for Bloom cartridges, featuring a sleek buttonless design, which activates as one inhales.